Power of Emotion

I’ve always felt out of place due to emotions. My emotions appeared to be on hyperdrive compared to those around me. I never understood why I struggled to control my feelings, yet others seemed to do it with such ease.

After I was diagnosed with BPD, I realized that my perception was my reality.

The power of my emotions could separate me from others, or it can be what brings me closer to others and the world around me.

The relationships and connections I make with others feel very deep, and they always have. I can recognize other’s emotions and feel those with them. My empathy allows me to create strong bonds.

At times, my emotions take over. I act and react based on the hurricane of emotions I’m experiencing. When I’m unable to maintain control, I say and do things I regret. The most challenging part is getting out of the emotional episode, and accepting that the pain is only temporary – no matter how stuck I feel.

On the good days, I feel in touch with myself and my environment. I can connect with others and shine a positive light.

My emotions are powerful. When harnessed, they bring so much to my life. When they’re out of control, I fear myself, my words, and actions. But these emotions are part of my life, and I’m determined to view and positively use them.

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