Take Time to Reflect

I want to remember where I’ve been. I want to reflect on my progress and past. I want to understand and appreciate the lessons I have learned.

Self-reflection is the reason why I journal. Without reflecting, I float through life. I find myself living for what is ahead, forgetting where I have been.

Today I am reflecting on this past year and all the changes it brought. A lot has changed, which would often leave me feeling lost and out of control, yet I feel whole like I am slowly healing.

I had planned on taking the summer off of school, but with the intention of returning this fall. Since deciding not to return to school, my mental health and general outlook of my future have changed. While I still struggle with my mental health, my baseline is in a much better place. I am in control.

I am proud of myself for taking such a huge step, and I haven’t let myself acknowledge that. I could have continued down my career path and become a therapist; I could have been incredibly successful in that line of work and helped many people. However, I would have felt stressed, unhappy, and lost. I would have been sacrificing my health and happiness for a career, one I thought I needed to pursue to be satisfied with myself.

My health and happiness are more important than a valued career. I am happier as a dog sitter and walker than I ever could have been as a therapist. Don’t get me wrong, I loved therapy and excelled in my classes, but the stress and emotional wear it brought me was not worth it.

Reflecting on this past year and the choices I have made have helped me feel proud, something that doesn’t come along often. Take time to reflect today.